rispecchiare la struttura dell'edificio

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Hello Helpers out there!

the sentence "la stanza rispecchia la struttura del edificio" is an issue for me.

If I translate literally, I get "the room reflects the building structure" which doesn't really make sense. I guess rispecchiare can have other nuances. Any suggestion?

thank you
  • Lorena1970

    Italy, Italiano
    "the room reflects the building structure" doesn't sound wrong to my ears.

    "The room expresses the building structure"
    "The room mirrors the building structure"
    are other options, but I like your translation.

    reflect |riˈflekt|
    • embody or represent (something) in a faithful or appropriate way : stocks are priced at a level that reflects a company's prospects | schools should reflect cultural differences. (Oxford)
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