Rispondo alla tua bellissima lettera

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by AprilShowers, Jan 20, 2008.

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    with the help of an online dictionary, I've attempted to translate a letter that was written to me in Italian. I would appreciate corrections and for someone to fill in the gaps of what I missed. Thank you very much in advance!

    Rispondo alla tua bellissima lettera, mi sembra tutto un sogno quello che mi sta acca dento, io credo molto in te sei la mia donna che non ho mai avuto, per che sei molto sensibile, ed educata.
    Mi ha molto colpito il tuo lavora agliutare le persone disabili e una cosa che poche persone vogliono fare, cio significa che sei molto sensibile nell'anima, per me questo conta tantissimo.
    Con te non mi sento piu solo anzi mi ritengo fortunato di averti conosoiuta. Ho molto voglia di costruire un bel futuro con te, perche sei una persona che ha voglia di fare, si vede, spero di renyerti felice.

    I have responded to your beautiful letter, it seems to me all a dream, I believe in you a lot you are a woman that I have never had, you are very sensitive, and educated.
    It occurs to me your work with disabled people is something that not many people would want to do, which means that you are very sensitive in your soul, for me this is important.
    With you I do not feel lonely rather I feel fortunate to have you. I have a lot of desire to build a nice future with you, because you are a person that has desire it is obvious, I wish for your happiness.
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    I assume it was hand-written - it looks like some of the problems might have been in the way that Italians might write cursive.

    And, you don't need much help....:thumbsup:
    And as they say in the Bel Paese - Brava!:)

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    Hi Tim, that was a great translation. I just added a few comments and corrected the typos/mistakes in the Italian text (you already corrected some, like agliutare:cross:)

  4. TimLA

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    Thanks Giovannino!
    Another false friend to add to my list!!!:)
    Based on THIS thread, and a recent reading of "Johnny Stecchino"
    I should have known that!!!:D
  5. AprilShowers New Member

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    Thank you very much TimLA and Giovannino!

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