Rito abbreviato

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  1. petmag New Member

    rito abbreviato;
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  2. Alxmrphi Senior Member

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    What's the question?
  3. petmag New Member

    desidero la traduzione giuridica di rito abbreviato
  4. Paulfromitaly

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    Hello there and welcome :)
    We would really appreciate it if you would make the effort to ask a clear question, write a FULL sentence and provide some context, thanks.
  5. Alxmrphi Senior Member

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    Credo 'plea bargian' (trovato nel nostro dizionario qui) e...

    Da wiki....
    Che in inglese sarebbe... closed hearing? (non sono sicuro affatto)
  6. Memimao Senior Member

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    In many cases it amounts to plea bargaining (lower sentence for a guilty plea to a lesser offence) but this takes place out of court in the UK/USA and the judge ratifies it.

    In the Italian context as final judgement can take decades accepting rito abbreviato means going to prison a lot sooner (i.e. before passing through three tiers assize/appeal/cassation), though sentences are reduced. As I understand it, either side (prosecution or defence can request it, where it is open and shut for example)

    I would coin the term fast-track unless someone can come up with soething better
  7. Roberto1976 Senior Member

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    Mi pare vagamente di aver sentito dire summary procedure. Cosa ne dite?
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  8. Memimao Senior Member

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    I think summary justice is without bebefit of counsel etc. We have sommario in Italian in this sense and it is different from abbreviato.
  9. Roberto1976 Senior Member

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    Ah, ecco. Questi giuristi precisini! ;)

    Qui (sito del Consiglio d'Europa) dice:

    "The abbreviated trial procedure (giudizio abbreviato), which provides for the decision to be taken essentially on the basis of the case file as it stands (allo stato degli atti), becomes compulsory when the criteria fixed by law are fulfilled and this does not undermine the investigations."

    Non so se vi possa aiutare!
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  10. anglomania1

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    Hi there,
    I need to translate this, too.
    My sentence is:
    Il giudice ha accolto il rito abbreviato chiesto dall’imputato ed ha accolto in toto le richieste del Pubblico Ministero condannando il XX per i reati ascritti a quattro anni di reclusione.

    My try:
    the judge accepted (?) the abbreviated trial procedure requested by the defendant/accused and welcomed (?) in toto/in full the prosecutor's requests, sentencing XX to four years imprisonment for the crimes committed.

    Any comments or suggestions?

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