Riviera Touch


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Ciao!!I have a big translation assignment to do and am stuck on the title, it's "Riviera Touch", i'm not sure if il contatto della Riviera quite sounds right!!HELP!!
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    I think you'll have to explain a bit (in English) what the English "Riviera Touch" means. It could be many things. Presumably the book makes it clear.


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    What riviera are you talking about?

    Just to let you know, even if the English use that word widely, in Italian it just means coast, and since Italy is surrounded by the sea (being a peninsula) that word alone doesn't make much sense. As soon as you find that out, we'll find the proper translation!


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    potrebbe davvero significare 10 cose differenti
    dipende dal contesto credo
    non potresti essere + preiciso, please?