Road plate, Trench cover, Trench cover board, walk board

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  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    Hi, Super Saiyan. I doubt that there is any common name for that "pedestrian walk board" in the picture.

    Do you need to know whether people will recognize the term "walk board" in your own writing? If you do, I can tell you that the name is nothing that I have heard before. However, the name does make some sense as I think about what the function of that "walk board" seems to be.

    Uncle Jack

    Senior Member
    British English
    In Britain, "trench cover" is used for pedestrian and light vehicle use and "road plate" is used for heavy duty use where a road crosses the trench. In ordinary English, both types of board would most likely be called "trench covers", and I doubt most people would understand the term "road plate".

    "Walk board" is fine, although it gives no indication of what type of board it is or what its purpose is. If you just said "walk board", someone might think of a scaffold plank.
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