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Dear life

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Reading the Hazlitt essay 'On Going a Journey', I found a sentence:
I had for the first time come from a place in the neighbourhood to visit this delightful spot (Llangollen). The road to Llangollen turns off between Chirk and Wrexham; and on passing a certain point you come all at once upon the valley.

Could you please explain what the bold underlined part means? 'Does turn off' mean here 'to change the direction' i.e. the road takes a turn between the Chirk & Wrexham??

Please help!
  • Myridon

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    There's a road between Chirk and Wrexham. As you travel that road, you come to a turn. If you turn there, you will be on the road to Llangollen.



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    It is confusing because there are really two roads. It would be clearer if both roads were mentioned (and I think it is sometimes written this way):

    The road to Llangollen turns off of the road between Chirk and Wrexham.

    Or you can think of it as instructions:

    To go to Llangollen, you turn off the road between Chirk and Wrexham (onto a side road, that goes to Llangollen),
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