roasted pork and sideways missionary

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A: ...Like, what'd you do last night?

B: I had Cuban food at the home of a man with whom I shared unsatisfying intercourse.

A: Wow. Okay.

B: And to anticipate your next questions, roasted pork and sideways missionary.



I don't get the colored line. Considering that is the punching line, I guess she had another intercourse with the man after the meal. But I don't know what the line means.

And what could possibly be your next questions?

Can anybody please explain them to me?

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    The character is predicting (anticipating) the next questions that she will be asked by the person she is talking to, rather than waiting for her to actually ask those questions. She expects that the next questions she will be asked are: "What food did you have?" - roasted pork, and "what sexual position did you use?" - sideways missionary. Probably this is to illustrate that the character asking the questions is both nosey and predictable.
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