Robert Lawrence "Larry" Trask

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Robert Lawrence "Larry" Trask (November 10, 1944 – March 27, 2004) was an American–British professor of linguistics at the University of Sussex, and an authority on the Basque language and field of historical linguistics.
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What's his name? I'm confused about the way his name is written.
Which word is his first name and which word is his last name?
Why is the word Larry written between two ""?

Thank you.
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    American English
    His name is Robert Lawrence Trask, but he was called Larry. (This often happens if there was another Robert in his family, or if the person simply likes his middle name better.)


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    UK English
    He presumably used his second name (Lawrence) as his first name and preferred to be called Larry.
    His last name is Trask.

    He wrote the book Mind the Gaffe (2001), a Penguin book about common errors in English, which is well-worth reading.
    On the cover his name is given as R. L. Trask. But inside we read Larry Trask was born ... 1944.

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