robots of this ilk for explosive ordinance disposal

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"explosive ordinance disposal" seems to be a fixed phrase?
Ordinance refers to an authoritative order in Oxford Dict. If so, I wonder whether one can use "explosive order disposal" and will lead to no misunderstanding.

Thanks in advance

“Law enforcement has been using robots of this ilk for explosive ordinance disposal. The bomb squad—they’ve had them for decades now,” says David Klinger, a criminologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Klinger says the robots are versatile tools not only for bomb disposal, but also a variety of situations in which an officer’s life is at stake.

-Scientific American

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    The author has made a typo: it should be 'ordnance', a completely different word from 'ordinance', and so 'order' is definitely not acceptable.

    You'd be forgiven for thinking these days that the media got together some time in the past 5 years and decided to simultaneously fire all of their sub-editors, since the standard of proofreading in even the most respected major publications is little better than what you might find in an undergraduate maths student's first essay. Indeed, Karl Smith, the author of this piece, is not only a Biophysics PhD, but also was a joint English major in his Bachelor's and should know better. In fact, the article has several more typos too. I have complained to the relevant authorities.
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