rock-steady shots

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  1. rozy New Member


    How would you translate "rock-steady shots" ? (speaking about camrecorders)

    Thank you in advance
  2. oruen

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    France French
    (... permet de filmer) sans le moindre tremblement.
    L'image ne bouge pas d'un poil.
  3. MiniM Member

    Hello !

    I have the same question about "rock-steady shots" in the following sentence:

    "Use a XXXXX Tripod with the zoom function and your choice of lens to create truly professional, rock-steady shots."

    My draft: "Utilisez le trépied XXXX avec sa fonction zoom et choisissez votre objectif pour créer des photos de professionnels nets et sans défauts."

    What do you think about this translation ?

    Thank you :)

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