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Example: A BBC spokesperson said: “Due to a technical error, we briefly displayed an incorrect on-screen caption during last night’s News at Ten. The caption was removed immediately and we apologise for the error.”

It is not the first time a serious news story has been brought down by a rogue caption or edit on BBC News.

Source: Mel Greig Or Geri Halliwell? BBC Mixes Up 2Day FM Presenter With Spice Girl

This is taken from a report on a caption error in a show where the Australian shock jock was mistaken with another celebrity when they featured her tearful performance during her first interview after the death of the nurse.

Hi, does "rogue caption" suggest intentional mischief? Is the writer of this report suggesting that it was an intentional mistake on the BBC's part?
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    2 [usu. as modifier] an elephant or other large wild animal with destructive tendencies driven away or living apart from the herd: a rogue elephant. ■ a person or thing that is defective, aberrant, or unpredictable.

    It doesn't have to mean that it was intentional. I don't believe they ever insinuated it to be intentional.
    It just means that a mistake occurred. Basically, a single caption of text that unexpectedly caused a bit of damage.
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