role of pen

Shadik hasan

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1.role of pen.

#before 'pen' no article is used. why?

is it generic form. I mean ('is it proper name?). while I know that, we use 'pens' in general form.

so we use 'pens' in general.

# in this type of case when to use 'no article' butt 'singular' not 'plural' and what does it mean? is it appropriate?
  • Shadik hasan

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    o don't know any context.. but sometimes, noun are used without article. but they are singular.
    would you please give me such example?
    (it might be 'I need car not bike')


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    It's up to you to provide the example sentence, and the context for it, Shadik hasan.

    To take "I need car, not bike" as your example, I can't think of a context in which we would omit the article. You could use either "the" or "a" before either noun, depending on context, but you need one or the other.
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