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I am reading a column "Dear Abby", someone gives her question:
DEAR ABBY: I am currently in a relationship that has become a roller coaster ride for the last few months. My significant other is always accusing me of cheating. He also starts arguments for no reason. Sometimes I wonder if he is having an affair and trying to throw the blame on me for his guilt issues. What do you think? -- ARGUED OUT IN INDIANA

I am not sure about the underlined part "a roller coaster ride". From the context I guess it means short exciting romantic experience with someone. Can you explain it a little bit? Thanks!
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    It does not mean that at all. It means the relationship has its "Ups and Downs." Some days it's good and some days its bad.


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    No, something that is a roller coaster ride is something that has very high points and very low points, as a roller coaster does.

    Here's a dictionary definition:

    An action, event, or experience marked by abrupt, extreme changes in circumstance, quality, or behavior:
    "the demographic roller coaster caused by the baby boom"
    (American Demographics).
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