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  1. sherezhade New Member

    Spanish from Spain
    Hello everyone,

    could anybody tell me hoy to translate into English or Spanish the german word "Rollfeder"? Apparently is some kind of piece which is founded somewhere in the suspension sistem of trains.

    Thank you so much :)

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  2. exgerman Senior Member

    English but my first language was German
    Ming Tai Corp's multilingual website calls them resortes en cuello de cisne

    When all else fails, typing define:Rollfeder into google often works. The define command (no space after the colon) asks google to break out the listings that it thinks hold a definition from the vast mass of its listings.

    In this case, I struck gold: a site that gives you the translation into 20 languages.
  3. sherezhade New Member

    Spanish from Spain
    Thank you so much, exgerman :) I will totally follow your advice!

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