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I'm currently studying japanese on my free time. I'm doing quite well with the pimsleur Japanese I but I would like to broaden my knowledge and vocab, and to 'experience' the language; I'm now watching lots of manga, even if its just to listen to the language without completely understanding, but I also search for a good magazine. The thing is that I dont yet know how to read the japanese characters.
I was told it takes a while to learn (and it looks kindof hard, too). Soooo.. anyone here knows of a good Romanji Magazine? Whether online or printed? Free or Paid for..?

Thanks all!

Domo Arigato Gozaymas!

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    Learning hiragana and katakana took me 1 week. Just write down anything, any sentence you find in japanese to hiragana. By doing so you learn the syllabaries, grasp some grammar, you re-read words you forgot, reassure the knowledge you have already, and you can correct things you didn't get correctly at first before.

    Also japanese language has a lot less syllables (actually sounds) than languages that use the roman alphabet such as English, Spanish, etc. This gives you a LOT of homophones, and while you can get lots of hints of what word the speaker is refering to by context, intonation, gestures, etc. articles usually use a richer vocabulary (as usual in any language) using lots of kanji compounds, which is hard to write unambiguously in romanji (and even only kana).

    Even books, games, etc for very young kids use some kanji due to this limitation (of course, not in the same amount that those for adults), usually with furigana to help the child to be able read it.

    That said, I've never heard of such kind of thing like magazine, etc. in romanji. When not a very simple subject, it would be probably very difficult to read such thing, even with a dictionary for foreigns sorted out in romaji.

    What I can tell you as an alternative is, join irc channels where people learning japanese idle. People often practice their japanese by just chatting in romaji.

    Rooms like EfNet and Undernet's #japan (the channel key is japan at Undernet). Or #english and #kokusai-international at, where foreigns often gather. (A japanese IRC server, so other rooms are japanese only, with kana and kanji and all the stuff).

    Also people usually discuss grammar, vocabulary, etc. And beginners take advantage of it, of course ;)


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    We have a magazine "Hiragana times" written in roma-ji and hiragana.
    I'm not sure its entire Japanese is written in roma-ji.

    Please search with Hiragana times. I can't post url yet.


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    off topic:
    why do japanese type "roma-ji" ? I've seen it often.
    western people usually write "romanji" (and sometimes romaji). It's ローマ字 (ro-maji), do you know why the hyphen (-) gets displaced?


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    Well, note that the ー is not a hyphen (-), but a mark for a long vowel. A hyphen is used to separate parts of a compound word. My guess as to why English-speaking Japanese people tend to write "roma-ji" is because they see the two parts seperately, although there are generally no spaces in Japanese writing.

    The two parts of the term are ローマ meaning "Rome" and 字 meaning "character". Romanji is technically incorrect; it's sort of Japanglish (the English part being "Roman" and the Japanese being 字 [characters]). It's more correct to use a romanized form of the Japanese word (i.e. romaji, roomaji, rômaji, etc.) or to just say "Roman characters" (meaning, of course, the Roman alphabet).


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    I know it's a pitch variation (or long vowel). But I would guess you are used to type it that way. I even meant hyphen because you type hyphen with full-width characters too.

    It probably is because of the word separation (which I overlooked). But, for example, I've never seen supein-go instead of supeingo despite being just the same. So I thought maybe there was more to it (I'm probably overthinking, though).


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    I don't understand why I added - hypen at all.. without any specific reason.

    The reason can be considered is,
    The combination of katakana ローマ, roma/roman and 字, ji, looks like a noun +noun word for me.

    Moreover I don't know about the correct spelling of romaji. Sorry, Japanese is difficult for us, too.:p