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Hello everybody, please can somebody translate for me " Have Very Nice Day " in Romunian, Hungarian, Indian and Filippine language ! I Know that i'm asking a lot (too much) but i will be very happy for any help !!!! It's Quiet Important to Me because i'm working on a luxury SHIP and i want to learn some basic phrases for the beggining !!!
Thanks to ALL in advance!
Have a Nice Time!

  • pikinet said:
    Hello everybody. Please translate, "Have a very nice day," into Romanian, Hungarian, Indian and Philippino.
    I know that I am asking a lot (too much) but I will be grateful for any help.

    This is important to me because I'm working on a luxury cruise ship and I want to learn some basic phrases for the beginning of the cruise.
    Thank you all in anticipation.
    Have a nice time!

    Good evening Pikinet.
    As part of your education, I have tried to make some corrections to your original post:)
    Please take care. Some of these will definitely not be correct.
    Thanks, as i said any help is welcome, everyday is something new to learn !

    Have a nice evening!
    hi everyone,

    first, i'd like to make small corrections. When you refer to Philippine language its Filipino, but when you refer to the people, its Pilipino.

    Ok, pikinet, "Have A Nice Day" may be "Sana'y magkaroon ka ng magandang araw" however, the literal meaning of this is, "Hope you have a nice day". This is not commonly used here.. instead we used "parting words" like "God bless or Take care"

    I used to workas a front desk officer in one of the hotel here. So, when our guest checks-out and leave i'd say (in filipino/tagalog) "Maraming Salamat, Ingat po Kayo" or "Maraming Salamat po, Magandang Umaga/Hapon/Gabi"

    Maraming Salamat= Thank you very much
    Ingat po kayo =Take care
    Magandang Umaga/Hapon/Gabi= Good morning/afternoon/evening..

    oohh, let me remind you that using "po" for us, means you have respect to the one whom you're speaking to.

    hope this helps...;D
    any clarification, feel free to ask... ;)