Romanian presumptive tense


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Hello everybody,

I was told that in romanian there is a tense called the presumptive tense but I am not sure what that means. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    It is the Presumptive Mood: a) Present Progressive "vei fi ştiind" (forming: the auxiliary 'to be' in the Present Future + the gerund of the lexical verb) ; b) Perfect with a past meaning "vei fi ştiut" ( the same as above for the auxiliary + the participle of the lexical verb).

    b) Eg O fi aflat vestea? - I wonder whether he has heard /could have heard the news. S-o fi gândit vreun pic la mine? - Is there any chance for him to have thought of me? Might he have thought of me a little?
    Or "he might have done it" - Poate că o fi făcut asta.

    You'll be reading the letter when I be away. - Vei fi citind scrisoarea când eu voi fi departe.
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