Romantic relationship

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May I consult you about the meaning of"romantic relationship"?

When I looked "romantic" up in the Collins Cobuild Dictionary(English-Chinese version),I found a sample sentence,that is"He was not interested in a romantic relationship with Ingrid."

The Chinese translation of this sentence is confusing me.the translation is like"he was not interested in having sex with Ingrid"

I am not certain if this translation is correct,how should I understand the sentence correctly? thank you!
  • Uncle Jack

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    There is a considerable amount of overlap between a romantic relationship and a sexual relationship in modern English and it is entirely possible that the translation fits the situation perfectly, and the original writer might have chosen "romantic relationship" because "having sex" sounded too coarse.

    On the other hand, the romantic relationship the writer had in mind might have had very little to do with sex, and the man may have been thinking of spending time together, romantic dinners, cohabitation or getting married, and at the same time, the man may well have thought about having sex with Ingrid without getting into a romantic relationship. From just this line, we cannot tell. Since this is an example sentence from a dictionary, there is no context, and it isn't worth thinking about any further.