Romeria and Verbena

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    Hi there,
    according to my diccionary....

    Romería: pilgrimage; ir en romería to go on a pilgrimage

    Under my point of view, the meaning is right but incomplete. A Romeria in Spain is a huge party with diverse acts, performances and music, games, food tasting … etc. to celebrate a saint festivity...also including a Verbena described in my dictionary as an open-air dance, but again, it´s not just that...a verbena can be cosidered the evening continuation of the romeria lasting until very late at night, normally with life entertaiment, and tons of other party activities for people of all age.....yes, we are a bit of party animals !!! :)

    Could any of you help me out to find a translation into English for Romeria or Verbena with a more global meaning, not only translated under a religious point of view?¿ is there in your vocabulary a word to describe a this type of "party/celebration" ?¿ :confused:

    Thanks a lot in advance ¡!
  2. TraductoraPobleSec

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    Para verbena creo que se utiliza eve. St. John's Eve, por ejemplo. Por lo que se refiere a pilgrimage como traducción de romería, bueno... a ver... ya estamos como siempre: hay cosas intraducibles. Y, si bien una romería es un tipo de peregrinaje, un peregrinaje no es equivalente a romería. ¿No?
    De hecho, pilgrimage me hace pensar en recorridos más largos tipo Camino de Santiago, Fátima, etc. Romería implica fiesta y celebración, etc.

    No sé si quieres las palabras para una traducción. En este caso, según como, siempre puedes añadir una nota.

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    Hi Traductora, thanks for the post !!

    I’ve been for quite a few months translating tons of information on my country into English. As part of the folk culture I’ve had to explain too many times what a "romeria" and "verbena" are and I´m just wondering is there is a word in English o something equivalent to explain such a celebration/festivity/fiesta.

    I know there tons of things that can’t be translated but maybe someone can bring some light into this subject...basically, a romeria and verbena are both a party, romeria has to do with a religious context and verbena could easily be translated as "evening festival" with more activities than just live music and dances.

    Romeria includes a pilgrimage and mass, but is not only that….the festivity continues all along the day and night, and often for several days.

    Help // Hilfe :confused:
  4. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    Romería: An excuse for a picnic.
    Verbena: An excuse for staying up late.
  5. Emma3 Member

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    I found your comment most funny and laughed my head off, which for a Tuesday morning, Madrid's time, and without a coffee break so far, is amazing. as you say romería has more of a religious character about it, eventhough there are also lots of fun, food, and.... booze ( look up " romería de la Virgen del Rocio, Huelva, Spain, ejem !!!! ) I think the translation would be " pilgrimage " And " verbena " is more of a fair, open-air festival or even, the Gan word Kermess can be used ".
  6. Emma3 Member

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    Ja, ja, ja. So, Triana's caló is your language ? ¡ fantastic, gachí o gachó ? Triana is fantastic, jace a lot of caló en verano, mi'arma

    Some translating is a chungo task....

    In a verbena there is more manduca, vamos un sarao popular chachi y dabuten and people jama and get curda o curdeles porque le dan a la mollate que no veas ! pero vamos , otherwise es fetén.

    Romerías also molan, and are chachipén but there is a lot of paripe´.

    Thanks for your sense of humour.

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