room allotment

Dung Huynh

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Vietnamese, Canada
Hello friends,

I've some difficulties while translating my CV into French. I don't know the equivallent word for: room allotment. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  • Kelly B

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    Welcome, Dung Huynh,

    Without context, I'm not exactly sure what that refers to, even in English.
    YOUR QUESTION. Context and examples are critical in linguistics. Help us to help you: give us details! The sentences surrounding the word or expression, the type of text, even an image will enable us to give you useful and accurate responses. Those who would like to help you have expressed this eloquently.
    We'll be happy to help when we have more information. :)

    Dung Huynh

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    Vietnamese, Canada
    Hello Kelly,

    Sorry for that. Those words are terms in the travel and hospitality industry. Room allotment means the number of rooms alloted to a tour operator by a hotel, with a cut-off date. So, if this agency receive an booking (within the maximum number of rooms that are alloted, and prior to the cut-off date), they can confirm to their clients before sending the request to the hotel.

    Serial bookings means series of hotel reservations booked by a tour operator. The number of rooms are estimated, as they just want to block the rooms first. Then, they will try to sell their packages to the clients. Before the cut-off date, they have to reconfirm to hotel the exact number of rooms required.

    I'm not sure if my explanation is good (as English is my second language!). Sorry for that.