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Sasha Ivanov

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I'm describing to myself what I'm looking at, how do I say
The rug is lying on the floor, the picture is hanging on the wall?
The rug lies on the floor, the picture hangs on the wall.
Based on my understanding of grammar it should be "hangs", because it always hangs there.
It has hung there since I can remember.
But when I started describing I said "There's a picture. The picture is hanging on the wall".
How should we say it? Is it just shift of focus, can we say it both ways? Thank you.
  • kentix

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    English - U.S.
    Both ways are legitimate, depending on the style you are trying to use. You just have to be consistent and not mix them. Some authors in stories would choose one way and some the other depending on the appropriateness for the scene and the narration style of the book.
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