1. iriell Member

    Hamilton, On
    spain spanish
    Hi I'm looking for a room in Australia and every website I've found appear something like this "room with BIR" what that means?

  2. Anemoah

    Anemoah Senior Member

    Jerez de la Frontera - Cádiz
    Andaluz y español de España
    Puede ser "breakfast included" + r... algo más :S
  3. iriell Member

    Hamilton, On
    spain spanish
    me suena un poco raro!!!! Esperemos algun nativo.
  4. SadieBob Senior Member

    English UK
    I don't think it has anything to do with breakfast - these are rooms to rent as part of a houseshare.

    I'm afraid I don't know what it is but you could always reply to an advert and ask them to clarify. Or wait for an Australian forero to reply.
  5. SadieBob Senior Member

    English UK
    Aha I just had an idea - could it be broadband internet router??
  6. goodoldave Senior Member

    Missouri USA
    English - USA
    Maybe it's "bath in room"

  7. tani28 New Member

    English - Australia
    I joined this forum especially so i could answer this, BIR means Built In Robe - or sometimes its Built In Wardrobe. I moved to australia from new zealand and bought wooden wardrobes with me, there is never any room to put them as most houses have built in wardrobes. OR, BIR's.
  8. pubman Senior Member

    Welcome to the forum tani, it would be good to have more input from Australians/New Zealanders
  9. inib

    inib Senior Member

    La Rioja, Spain
    British English
    I second that. I hope you'll stay with us, tani :)
  10. Kiwita New Member

    New Zealand
    Yes BIR's are definitely built-in-wardrobes :) Nice to hear Kiwi's are welcome here jeje

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