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My post was insipred by thread Polish: words with Latin roots.
I would like to give a little consideration about other roots and influences in Polish language.
In my opinion it is a very interesting topic expecially for Slavic thread, because it concerns to most of all our languages.
Polish language was/is the one which was subjected by various influences mostly as a result of its very complicated history within centuries.
Polish was once a lingua franca in various regions of cenral and Eastern Europe for over two centuries. Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth which covered not only the territories of what is now Poland and Lithuania, but also the entire territory of Belarus, a large part of Ukraine and Latvia and the most western part of today's Russia and was one of the largest and most populous states in Europe.
According to most linguistic studies Polish was influenced by languages mostly Latin, Czech, French, Russian, Prussia, German, Italian, Old Belarusian,

I give the main sources and ways of the oldest borrowing

X-XVI - century - Latin as a result of Christianity
XVII - XVIII century - French dating from the Napoleon era
XIX century - Russian Prussia (partitions)
XX century - English recently virtually bombarded like many others languages

I would like to ask you, how many words influenced by Polish you could find in yours languages.

  • Seana said:

    I would like to ask you, how many words influenced by Polish you could find in yours languages.

    Hi Seana,

    I’m afraid it is almost impossible for a Slav (unless he’s so zealous that he’s going to count all words in his dictionary with Polish origin :D ) to answer the question you posed at the end of the thread you started.

    The topic which you took your interest in is quite interesting and it would be nice to know what words of Polish origin are known to the natives of each Slavic (and not only) language.


    Thomas, I see you have the mathematical mind like the rest of men.
    But when I asked " how many" I have used rather figure of speech not a mathematical task of course.:D Any way, nice to meet you I hope we will be backed up with all our linguistic problems. :)

    Once again about my question.

    I have meant wheather someone could give us any classic example for most essential words that are adopted to their Slav languages or maybe even rules are influenced by Polish.
    I would be very glad if anyone aswered it.

    Best regards Seana