rotate on/off assignments


what does rotate on and off assignments mean in this paragraph:
New laws required auditors to rotate on and off assignments with individual clients so a fresh set of auditors could ensure the business was being managed legally. Teresa had been working with a very large client, and when she rotated off the team there weren’t other comparable opportunities
it's from the book WHAT I WISH I KNEW WHEN I WAS 20
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    A particular auditor may not continue to audit the same company for a long time. Doing that would create a risk that the auditor would develop close relationships with people at that company and might not look for problems as carefully as an auditor should. A new (fresh) set of auditors would not have these relationships and would therefore be less likely to overlook problems.


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    'rotation' refers to the fact that there is a limited number of auditors. Thus eventually an auditor will return to a given company.


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    The auditors "rotate between clients". That means they go from client A to client B to client C, etc. That change of clients is called "rotating".

    The "on/off" is just part of being assigned to each client. For each client, they are "on" that client and then "off" them.
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