rotating loan fund

  • hi
    this is the context :
    "Land allotment was stopped and money was appropriated to buy back land for the Indians. A rotating loan fund was set up."
    I really don't know how to translate "rotating loan fund" in french, cos I don't even have a single idea of what it is.
    Can someone help ?
    In this context, a "rotating loan fund" is a financial endowment set up to make loans for a specific purpose to people who might otherwise lack access to loans (or to permit some agency to borrow money for this purpose on behalf of such people). When the money is paid back, it is loaned out again to someone else (or for another investment by the agency). If interest is charged on the loan, it would normally be at a rate well below the rate that the borrower would otherwise have to pay.

    However, I don't know what the best way to translate this concept into French would be.
    rotating fund = revolving fund = fonds renouvelable
    Définition :
    Fonds établi à une fin particulière et reconstitué à même l'exploitation courante ou au moyen de virements provenant d'autres fonds.
    When set up as a special purpose loan fund, it will operate as Old Novice described above.