rotation of shifts?


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I would like to know what you call the following procedure.
Several groups of people are working in a factory, a group work from morning to afternoon. The other group work from afternoon to midnight. The third group work from midnight to morning. And one group is always resting waiting for their turn. Every group has to change its working time next week in a way that all groups experience all working hours.
Do you call this system rotation of shifts?
Thanks. atlantis
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    Yes :). I might also call it a 'shift cycle'.

    You would also say that the groups work 'in shifts'. Each period that one group works is a 'shift': the morning shift, the afternoon or 'swing' shift, and the night or 'graveyard' shift.



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    When I was a nurse we called that "rotating shifts", with rotating modifying shifts, as in "I hate working rotating shifts. I'm always tired." I've also seen "shift rotation", but not "rotation of shifts".
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