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I don't quite get in what sense the word flange is used, as a connecting device? protective? A flange like this (a type of gasket made to fit between two sections of pipe that are flared to provide higher surface area)? And why rough flange, not just a generic uncharacterized flange? Thank you.

That these intimacies were painful to Park, being based on a lie, his lie, was not unusual at all. Any intimacy was painful to him. Another exposure. Another rough flange that could be sheared away from him. Another potential loss in this world.​
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    Flange can also mean an edge or border (usually one that retains something but perhaps not when speaking metaphorically)


    I wish he were a pipeline :) I'm inclined to search for a digestible translation in the direction of a bulge... maybe... in the sense of flange as a projecting rim. Thanks.


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    My recollection of British English is that "flange" can refer to a "rim" -- at least it did with the old British, double-barreled-elephant-rifle cartridges.


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    I agree with mr. cat's suggestion that this flange is a metaphoric one. The flange is a physical image for a part of himself, or his identity, that might be injured in interactions in the world. In this case, the intimacy or attachment is the "flange" that might be sheared away if his lie is exposed. I suspect it is "rough" because a rough flange might be more likely than a smooth one to catch on things and be pulled away or scraped off.


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    I think it just means a piece of his figurative self that sticks out and is therefore quite liable to damage.

    As to the word rough ... it suggests that it's a part of him that hasn't been "polished" - a vulnerable part, and one that is also quite ugly and undesirable.
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