Rough indication of the time of the error


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Hi, all

When I was using some app on my PC, an error occurred. I went to the website of the app company to report the error.
In the report form, I found a text field for
"A rough indication of the time of the error".

I'm not sure if I understand what to describe here.
Does it ask me to describe a brief summary of what happens when the error occurs?

Thank you in advance
  • kentix

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    As part of the report they might receive a log file that lists everything that happened in order by time. They might want to know where to look in the log file for pertinent information.

    You might not know the exact time but they are asking for at least an approximate (rough) time.


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    Thank you for the reply, kentix and SwissPete.
    Now, I understand that "time" is what they want to know.

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