rough scramble up


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There were places where to build an easy link would prove to be as much to an attacker's advantage as it was to a defender's, so it was left as a rough scramble up a narrow mountain path, which could be defended more easily.

Hello. Can you help me to understan what it means the phrase rough scramble up? Thank you.
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    Please take advantage of the dictionary, Masis. If you look up scramble and read the definitions carefully, you will see that definition B5 fits your context perfectly.


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    Actually, if you look up scramble and read the definitions carefully, definition B5 DOES NOT fit that context at all:

    'to collect or organize (things) in a hurried or disorderly manner (often fol. by together or up):He scrambled the papers up from the desk. I scrambled the report together at the last minute.'

    First of all, because in Masis' example, the verb is intransitive and in B5 is transitive (admits a DC between verb and preposition).

    I have ended up here because I had a similar doubt. Luckily I have been a member of this site long enough as to know people here are extremely kind and helpful. Otherwise, if this had been my first visit, I would have thought (erroneously) that people are rude and aggressive (and wrong), just judging by Nunty's reaction.

    Greetings to everyone.


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    You happened to pick a very old thread, Karraspito. WR uses different dictionaries now, so the definition mentioned will not be the same as the one you can see today.
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