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Hi all,
I am sorry to take up your time, but I have a question:
In Swedish there exists an expression like when you are beginner at something and have to do something right away, "to be tossed/thrown into something" or jump in the water and see if you could swim
Is there any good correseponding expression in English to express this?
Thank you in advance,
Tomas Sjöberg
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    We say to be thrown into something - to be immersed in something immediately.
    To go in at the deep end - to start with the difficult part.

    I had a Chinese pupil who other teachers found hard to discipline because he always laughed and said that I'd advised him that whenever he got into hot water he should always go in the deep end. (Being Chinese and young he will have probably left out the articles).

    To get into hot water means to get into trouble it's different to to jump in or to be thrown in (no water temperature specified).

    I expect other people will come up with other suggestions: English is rich in such metaphorical expressions. I'm ashamed to have found only so few.
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