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[Summary: MaryAnn was making a study to find out whether her company discriminates against people of Hispanic heritage.]

Unfortunately for MaryAnn’s purposes, the organization did not track employee race in its database, so she had no easy way of identifying employees of Hispanic heritage other than reading through the list of surnames. [Summary: MaryAnn noticed that many employees with Hispanic surnames were born in certain cites] Of course, this wasn’t true for all employees; many nonHispanic employees were born in those cities, too, and many Hispanic employees were born in other cities. This data was still useful, however, because MaryAnn’s sample queries revealed that the proportion of employees with Hispanic surnames who were also born in those cities was very high. “OK,” she thought, “I’ll use those cities as a rough surrogate.”

Could you explain me the meaning of the "rough surrogate" please, or give me a synonym?

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    Information about people's place of birth was a surrogate (a substitute) for information about their ethnic origin. It was "rough", not exact. So if someone was born in city A or D, there was a good chance that the person was of Hispanic origin.
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