Rough up their sound

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  1. SAD Senior Member


    What does "rough up" mean in the following sentense ?

    "The also seemed thrilled to be able to rough up their sound for a proper rock venue"

    When I look it up I find definitions which make this sentense senseless

    Thank you in advance
  2. saint saens Senior Member

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    It means to give their sound a rougher, more brutal edge, so that rock fans can appreciate it :)

    To rough up somebody also means to beat him up, or at the very least to give him a scare.
  3. SAD Senior Member

    Ok I got it.

    But this sentense is still not very clear to me.

    They are thrilled to rough it up... for a proper rock venue ? What is the sense of "for" ?

    I thought I would understand with another definition of "rough up" but I still don't.
  4. guiño New Member

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    They were happy to make their sound rougher for [a concert in] a proper rock venue (a performance space known for rock concerts).
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  5. SAD Senior Member

    Thanks very much

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