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    ...saw the succesful acquisition by students of a second language as being bound up with the nature of the language input thy received. It had to be comprhensible, even if it was slightly above their productive level, and the students had to be exposed to it in relaxing settings. This "roughly-tuned" input is in stark contrastto the "finely-tuned" input ofmuch language instruction, wherespecific graded language has been chosen.... A que se requiere con estos dos terminos ?
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    A que se requiere o a que se refiere?
    Si input en este contexto significa estímulo, se me ocurre que "roughly-tuned input" es un estímulo muy general, sin detalles, sin nada organizado".. a diferencia del Finely-tuned input" donde mas adelante dice cual es su característica principal, y que sería completamente lo inverso del primero.

    Espero te sirva

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