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    Could you please explain what "round gown" is. I've come across a number of pictures and mentionings of round gowns in the Internet but failed to find the definition of it. The dictionary did not help either.

    This is the context:

    "She was such a striking woman, despite the unfashionably plain round gown of dark blue worsted and a shawl that was clearly designed for warmth and comfort rather than elegance."

    Thank you in advance
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    Is it perhaps the shape of the dress that is rounded or that makes the hips stand out ? Do you have any pictures that would help you ? What time period is it from ?
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  5. Masha* Senior Member

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    This is Regency period. Google gives some pictures (see the message of mjscott) but these dresses to my thinking have nothing in common. I need to find a Russian equivalent which means I have to find the definition.
  6. Trisia

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    If they really have nothing in common except for the period, why can't you just call them Regency-style dresses?
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    It really isn't an English language term (hence why you cannot find it in a dictionary), merely fashion industry jargon for the style.

    My suggestion is to get a picture of the type of dress you require and then take that to the dress shops and ask them if they have anything in a similar style.
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