roundness to seep into clear-cut structure

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Hi, I am working on a file for Lacoste, but I didn't understand what they mean by "roundness to seep into clear-cut structure".

Jersey and double-faced Milano complement the piqué and its variants, thereby allowing a certain roundness to seep into clear-cut structure. Shoulders are comfortably dropped, and the important pieces have the sharp purity of sub-zero weather. Prints, sometimes abstract, display topographic maps or icebergs.

Thank you
  • theartichoke

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    You have a tough job, with descriptions written in this kind of allusive language!:)

    I think the phrase in question suggests that while the cut of the clothing (shirts? jackets?) is very angular and sharp--"clear cut"--there are also some elements of the cut, like the comfortable dropped shoulders, which soften the angles a little. Does that make sense?
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