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Hey guys,
Here is another word I got confused about its pronunciation 'Route' I was taught to pronunce it as [rut], but I heard some English native speaker saying it as [raot] like the word reroute but without the 're' being pronunced. I am wondering if that is correct to be pronunced so, or this is any assimilation playing around.

Thanks for all replies in advance.
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    This particular word is pronounced differently depending on where you live within the United States. It is pronounced [rut] by some people and [raot] by others. Sometimes the same person may even change their pronunciation of the word back and forth. So both are perfectly correct and if you use either pronunciation, you will be understood.


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    There is a very long discussion here: pronunciation: route /rut/ /ru:t/ vs /raʊt/

    It demonstrates that SuK is correct about the variety of pronunciations.

    I am closing this thread. If you have still have a question after looking over the thread above, you are welcome to add it to the end.

    The 'right' pronunciation will depend in part on which variety of English you want to speak.

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