Roxette's "money talk"


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The expression appears in the lyrics of "Joyride". It goes like this: "[I d]on't need a book of wisdom, / I get no money talk at all".

Could somebody help me to understand the meaning of it?
  • Actually, I looked up the lyrics myself, and seeing the entire song didn't really help. As the band is from Sweden, maybe it is a Swedish colloquialism that didn't translate into English very well.

    Sorry, wish I could have been more helpful.
    Yea, well, thanks Envie. I was half expecting something like that.
    I'm not really sure if those guys (or guy and gall) have any songs in Swedish. Actually, I suspect they write their songs (or have them writen) in English... but, as they are the kind of band more interested in the words following a rhythm than having meaning, well...