Royalty or payment that is fair

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    Hello. Looking for a word or phrase. Relating to a legal contract. found Satis Iustus but im wondering if theres more specifics to money. Thank you.
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    Hello cxzsaq.

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    How do you want to use this phrase? There are many Latin phrases associated with legal contexts in general, and contracts in particular.

    We need something more specific. What do you want to say? What sort of thing is this payment for?
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    Thank you for the reply Cagey. I didn't realize that there were legal contexts in latin which is why i left that part out. The royalty or payment that is fair is referring to a (in general) a licence contract between the licensee and a licenser - for some intangible property - like a formula or a recipe However, it not always going to be about intangible property, it may very well be for tangible property - like a distribution agreement - thats how they deliver Pepsi to your local deli every morning. Hope this helps.
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    It could be a Fructus or a subspecie more specific of it.
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