rozchorować się


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Hello! I tried to find this word: rozchorowales in several online dictionaries, but I can´t find anything similar.
This is the phrase:
Przykro mi, ze sie rozchorowales, ale przy takiej pogodzie, jeszcze te "przemoczone" wedrowki po gorach.

Since i´ve been trying to deduce this word by word, this is my attempt.

I´m sorry, but there might be a chance to reconcile this misunderstanding.

probably I´m not even close.

Thank you in advance.
  • BezierCurve

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    Hi Calvin,

    that looks like a very mild telling off, actually made by someone who cares about someone else's health - someone went for a trip in mountains despite bad weather, and now he's caught cold ("I am sorry that you've got sick, but on top of this kind of weather all those "wet" / "damp" trips in mountains...").


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    Then that word means something like getting sick right? That makes much more sense.

    Thank you guys!


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    Rozchorować się means to get sick, to become sick, in contrast with chorować, which is to be sick. It's the aspect. Note the relexive pronoun in the former case, and the lack of it in the latter.