rubble masonry

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spanish, Spain

rubble masonry is "aparejo de mamposteria" in spanish...but there's a type of rubble masonry in Spain called "aparejo de mamposteria encintado" .... "encintado" because it goes..."between redbrick strips/lines/courses..."
I don't know how to say the "red brick" thing...
(it is like if you make a sandwich with lots of stuff in the middle = "rubble massonry" and the toasts = "brick" top/botton are keeping it together)

rubble masonry between red-brick..............?

any idea??!!
  • Passamonte

    Hi guys,
    It´s been a lot of time since your conversation, but anyway:

    In architecture we say in Spanish "HILADAS" de ladrillo (o de lo que sea), no "hileras".
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