"rude health"

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I was reading an article in The Economist (British English) and found the phrase "in rude health". From the context I know this means in good health. However, in the U.S. rude has only one meaning, that of being discourteous. What are the other meanings around the world for the word "rude"?

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    A set-expression is a phrase/term (of two or more words) which are used together usually to convey an idea/concept/meaning that is (1) widely understood (2) possibly difficult to explain using other words


    I looked in the dictionary for rude:

    rude adj. 1 offensively impolite or bad mannered. 2 referring to sex in an offensive way 3 very abrupt: a rude awakening. 4 esp. Brit. HEARTY: rude health 5 dated roughly made

    I thought that might help?