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    Right off the bat, it begs mention that I am a beginner learner and so I won't attempt to express myself in an inept Kanji-less version of Japanese to avoid instant condemnation. Instead, I will keep to the topic. Since I can already tick off the "hi" part, let me cut to the chase. I've looked through the resources compiled here on the WR - them being all nice and well - but, sadly, I haven't found what I was looking for -- namely texts readable on a more rudimentary level. For there's articles to read, Japanese radio streams to listen to and grammar tutorial videos to watch, but it's all either intermediate or advanced language that I have yet to arrive at. Having only learned Kana quite well and just starting to memorize my first Kanji, I am in no position to commune with full-fledged Japanese. I was wondering if there were things to read that had little to no Kanji (children books? manga?) and used relatively simple grammar; things to listen that were perhaps slower-paced than regular speech (is it only me who is under the impression that spoken Japanese is bat-nuts fast?); and finally things to watch that would maybe combine the two? If yes, where could I find them?

    Unfortunately I won't even "thank you in advance" in Japanese for I have yet to bring my PC up to scratch in terms of Japanese input...

    I'm awaiting your replies!

    PS.: The reasoning behind my searching for those things is simple. I am attending classes and working through Tim Kae's guide to Japanese grammar on my own. What I'm trying to do is to complement my study by means of actual contact with the language, so I could test my as of now limited abilities in practice.
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    The device you're using now is a magic box. How about using google? Search 'Hiragana reading' and 'Japanese listening for beginners'. I've found many. It's difficult to say Internet learning is always good, though.

    Listening and reading? Try as you like. Anything goes and nothing is interesting if you're restricted a lot.
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    Maybe you could try 青空文庫(あおぞらぶんこ)?
    Here you can read free online books. They have children's books/picture books too.絵本

    For example...
    or maybe (click "旧バージョンで見る")

    YouTube, maybe...? Like
    It's on 青空文庫(あおぞらぶんこ) too. 
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