Rue du Golf


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I'm reading Mafiaboy book and they live in Quebec of Canada, But in below text the author of book speak about "Rue du Golf" !!! I guess "Rue du Golf" is in France. Any idea?
"That was likely seen as a good reason for cutting short the wiretapping, especially considering the RCMP now knew that I was Mafiaboy. They had me on tape taking credit for the attacks and had recorded me committing other breaches of computer system security. So, on April 14, the decision was made to raid our house on Rue du Golf.
Mafiaboy and his Mafiadad were both going down."

Thank you.
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    Quebec is a predominantly French-speaking province. The Rue du Golf is the name of a street in whichever town or city in Quebec he lived in.


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    Yes. The writer lived on a street called the Rue du Golf in some town or city in Quebec. Quebec is a province (like an oblast in Russia).
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