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how can I translate this, is kind of an interview and it goes like this.

''incomparable riffs and rugged good looks in honor of the greatest stack of songs''

i don't think it's 'y duras buenas miradas'

thanks to those who answer :)
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  • When we say that a person (almost always a man) possesses "rugged good looks" it means that he is attractive but in a manly, outdoorsy way.
    thanks a lot :)

    but i don't understand the 'outdoorsy way' :S

    sorry and thanks again

    No, my fault for not explaining. "Outdoorsy" would describe someone who spends a lot of time engaging in outdoor activities: hiking, chopping wood, etc.
    Rather than sitting inside using the computer all day. :)
    Hola Pam,
    Coincido con Chris, pero si quieres una traducción de " rugged good looks " al castellano, ¿qué tal----- "aspecto de rasgos duros y atractivos de cara "?