1. Kathy Senior Member

    Panama - Spanish
    Hello all!!

    En la traduccion de un manual el título es
    Rugged Housing

    Parte del contexto lee:
    Plymouth filter housings are easily installed on copper or plastic cold water tubing.

    Any idea is greatly appreciated
  2. mijoch Banned

    British English

    I can help a bit.

    Here Plymouth is a brand/type of filter. "housing" is the container in which the filter is mounted----carcasa.

    "Carcasas de filtros Plymouth se instalan/acoplan fácilmente en tubería de agua fría de cobre o plástico."

    Plymouth----no se traduce.

    The title "Rugged Housing" refers to "Carcasas Fuertes/Resistentes".

    Someone could improve the Spanish.

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