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    Hi mwidunn, and welcome to the forum. :)
    ...Mein Woerterbuch gibt das Wort, "dysentery," an, das es klar nicht meinen oben kann was es sicher nicht sein kann...

    Ruhr here (Ruhr-Universiät) refers to and is the name of a river in the West of Germany (this one), so there is really no "translation" here - which is almost always the case with proper names (whereas rather descriptive names like Technische Universität are usually translated).
    The meaning of the word Ruhr is really what your dictionary says.

    You might say Ruhr-University, but as has become clear from the link englishman gave, the university itself doesn't do so in the English version of their home page, so there is certainly no reason for anybody else to do so, either. :)