rules/principles which dictate a company's way of working

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What is the one word for the principles/rules/ central beliefs/something like that which dictates and determines a company's behavior, its culture, its way of operation etc.

e.g. at Starbucks they say it's all about quality, so you can see quality in their company's way of operation, its staff, environment, product, logo and design, press releases and everything.

Likewise if a company ABC believes in innovation and change, you will see that in everything, and it will determine their course of action in everything.

If a company XYZ is conservative, you will see tradition and less flexibility in everything.

It is the central beliefs or principles around which the entire thing, behavior and decision making revolves.

I want to use this word in something like:

"A constant refinement, innovation, excellent construction methods, keeping the client's needs prior to everything etc. are the (____) of my company."
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