rumble packs


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Italy, Italian
nell'ambito dei videogiochi cosa sono i rumble packs? Il testo dice che sono venduti insieme ai videogiochi.
Grazie per l'aiuto!
  • Chiccca

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    Italy, Italian
    Thank you! I noted you wrote "pak" instead of "pack"... Do you think it is the same or the text is incorrect?


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    It is the same. The correct spelling of the word is "pack," but for some reason English-speaking marketing teams think it is very cute to come up with their own spellings for everything.

    I've never loved this convention myself... One time I misspelled the word "quick" on a spelling test because I used to pass a place called Kwik Kopy on my way to school. I was so sure I was right that I questioned the teacher in front of the whole class!
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