rump shake, beaver dam


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Quelle serait la meilleure traduction pour ces deux mots? Pour rump shaker j’ai pensé à ceinture vibrante, pour beaver dam, je ne sais pas.

Her new daily routine consists of doing yoga while he’s working out; making sure her rump shaker is facing him. I applaud her ability to bend and twist, but for the love of all things holy, no one wants to see your beaver dam especially not Josh.
  • christelleny

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    According to Urban Dictionary, "rump shaker" is a synonym for "nice ass" and "beaver dam" can be code for "tampon".
    I'm guessing the idea is that the girl in question exercises right in front of the guy she's interested in, her butt facing him so he can check her out, but that she's overdoing it and no one wants to see what's between her legs...
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