run a course or set a course

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Is ' run a course' a fixed phrase? If not, can I put' set' or ' guides' for the following blank? Can you tell me why can't i place deals, guides or sets? I am very confused.

He ________ courses in something called ' abundance training' or ' learning to accumulate welath through hypnosis'.

1, runs, 2 deals 3 guides 4 sets.
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    American English
    To run a training or academic or quackery course is to conduct it. I would not use any of the other three choices.


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    British English
    You can say "set a course" but it means something different. A ship's captain may "set a course" for Rotterdam.


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    USA English
    "Run a course" is not really the optimum answer unless, perhaps, you're talking about the person who finances, organizes and profits from it as a financial endeavour (at least in AE)

    But, you could save a lot of discussion by checking existing threads, i.e.:

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